2014 Pack 221 Popcorn Sales

70-percentPopcorn sales begin TBA.  The purpose of the yearly popcorn sale is to raise funds for Pack 221 and the Last Frontier Council.  The funds that remain with the pack will be used to off set the scouts expenses, i.e. awards, supplies, camp fees, cub day camp and cub resident camp.  The sales quota decided upon by the pack leadership is $250 per scout.  Awards of large Lego sets will be presented to the top three sellers in the pack.  Sales are completed in three different manners:  Show and Sell, Take Orders, and Internet Sales.

Show and Sell

Show and Sell is where the scouts will sell popcorn to patrons in front of a business.   Sign-ups will be on sign-up genius for 1 hour shifts for both days.

Take Orders

Take orders are much like door-to-door sales.  A form will be provided which displays the products and on the back is the place to fill in the order information.  Orders will be taken during September and then the popcorn will be delivered in November.  The best way to handle payments is to collect when the order is made.  This will ensure that when you deliver the popcorn you also do not have to collect the payment.  Payments can be cash and check, and checks need to be made payable to Pack 221.

Internet Sales

Your scouts will have an online account established for Internet Sales.  Internet Sales will include shipping and handling charges.  You will receive an e-mail that contains a user id, temporary password, and key code.

  • Once you receive this information logon to
  • Click on the Scout Sign In button.
  • Select Last Frontier Council and then enter the username and temporary password.  You will then be directed to change your password.
  • Once the password is changed you will see your key code.  Below that is a window that contains a URL address.  This URL address is what you can give to those that you want to sell.
  • You can also click on the red 4 steps link and Step 2 has a CREATE EMAIL button that will help you compose an e-mail to send.

Important Dates

  • TBA – Popcorn sales begin
  • TBA – Take Order forms and money due
  • TBA – Internet Sales ends
  • TBA – Sort Pack’s Take order sales (Roosevelt); delivery of orders

If you have any questions you can contact the Popcorn Kernel: Byron Davis,